Sync and Charging with Docking Station V2

Data Synchronization

Note : Once the synchronization is done, the datas are automatically deleted from the sensors. So be sure you have saved the data on the provide USB Key as mentioned below.

  1. Connect all your sensors to the docking station before powering it up.
  2. Power up the docking station.
  3. Wait until the docking boots up (take around 30 seconds)
  4. The docking will automatically start the synchronization of the sensors.

                 5. Once synchronized, the sensor’s icons become green.
                 6. When all sensors are synchronized, plug the provided USB key on the back of the docking.

                 7. The following screen will appear to confirm all datas have been saved on the provided USB key.

              8.You can now generate your report by uploading the .dkg file contained in the USB key.

Charging Sensors

For charging the sensors, leave them on the docking station after the synchronization process. While charging, the docking shows a green blinking icon per sensor.

When fully charged, the docking shows a full green icon per sensor.